• Draught Proofing

Draught Proofing

Draught proofing your sash windows, casement windows and traditional doors comes with significant benefits. We use a number of discreet techniques to achieve a good fit and incorporate a weatherpile seal to all possible areas.

Our 10-point draught proofing system ensures that your sash windows are sealed when shut. Contact us today and find out how our systems can start saving you money.

Meeting Rail - Routering

Sash Windows

When your sash windows were made, they did not have the technology we have available today. The main problem with a sash window is the gaps required all around the windows are necessary for smooth operation. Our 10-point draught-proofing system holds the windows in suspension with nylon weather-pile & double draught fin along the centre.

As illustrated, our bespoke draught-proofing system provides many other benefits in addition to keeping your house warm and cosy.

A build-up of paint coats and seasonal conditions can also mean your windows no longer have the tight fit they once had. By introducing our weather pile system we are able to eliminate draughts and the inherent problems they cause. The weather pile is machined into the sashes and set into the beading of the window so does not affect the aesthetics when fitted. Once fitted your sashes will glide smoothly and close reassuringly snug.

Typically the draught-proofing process involves:

  • Preparation. Protective sheeting & a clear work area
  • Stripping of the window
  • Staff bead is carefully removed (paint scored)
  • Parting bead released
  • Upper sash removed
  • Draught-proofing routed into:
  • The rear of the meeting rail (lower sash)
  • The top of the top rail (upper sash)
  • Re-assembling the window
  • Upper sash re-installed
  • The new weather-pile/parting bead inserted
  • Lower sash re-installed
  • Staff beads replaced with draught-proofing installed

The benefits of our 10-point draught proofing system include:

  • Elimination of draughts
  • Reduced heat loss
  • External noise reduction
  • Elimination of window rattles
  • Improved window operation
  • Discreet installation
  • Stop dust and insects
The Benefits of our 10-Point System
Meeting Rail - Inserting Draught Strip
Door - Draught Strip Insert

Timber Doors

At Charnley Sash Windows we have extended our knowledge to doors. Many of our customers want the same draught-proofing efficiency and high quality repairs on their doors as well.

We can shape doors back in and fit our discrete replaceable weather-strip into door edges. This has a huge effect on improving thermal efficiency in the home and even has a damping effect on closing (or slamming) if the wind catches. Clients often use this opportunity to bring doors and frames up to the same standard as their windows.

We can offer the same restoration, glass replacements, repairs and enhancements on doors, including security. Security is often overlooked as the same locks generally remain in external doors for too long. Charnley Sash Windows is familiar with the latest locks and latches and can advise, supply, and install the best combination for your home.

Door - Draught Strip Insert
Door - Draught Strip Insert

Casement Windows

Casement windows can be affected over time much like the sliding sash. Gaps can open up for a number of reasons such as paint build up, weathering, warping or just general wear. We are able to apply draught proofing to most old and new casement windows. Usually we are able to machine a weather pile directly into the opening sash although in some cases we may need to apply it to the frame. The principal is much the same as our sash window procedure and offers the same benefits.

  • Elimination of draughts
  • Reduced heat loss
  • External noise reduction
  • No more window rattles
  • Improved window operation
  • Some prevention of slamming
  • Appearance unaffected
Casement - Before
Casement Repairs
Casement Window - Finished

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